Benedict Cumberbatch, our favorite Mr. Holmes and Star Trek Villain

So, the September Issue of Vogue advertised it’s interview with Jennifer Lawrence, the newest, rising, down to earth heroine, but it nearly failed to mention its two page spread on Benedict Cumberbatch. There was two more pages of pictures of course, but thats just Vogue for you.

Any Cumberbitch knows that he blew BBC out of the water with his sharp, intelligent and a bit too real personality with his performance as Sherlock Holmes, and we also know he played the poised, edgy villain Khan from Star Trek. We all anticipate his voicing of Smaug, the dragon, in the next Hobbit and his new role against the goddess of acting herself, Meryl Streep and Julie Andrews in August: Osage County. It remains to be seen what will be going on with his WikiLeaks movie. After reading the article in Vogue it seems everything is not quite coming together just right.

However, the article delves into three very interesting topics. The phrase that Vogue used to describe Cumberbatch was…unique. Claiming his blue-green eyes were high like an otters, his cheek bones were like car bumpers, and he had a tousled mop of curly chestnut hair. Now don’t get me wrong, we all love those features on him, but I wouldn’t be too pleased if someone likened me to an otter and/or car bumper. Besides, we love him for his acting and the characters he has portrayed, not really how he looks.

The next tantalizing tid-bit was his acting style. I was interested to read his way of doing things, instead of cerebral, was actually very physical. He immerses himself into the character, which brings such life an emotion to his face and eyes as he dances across the silver screen.

The last, admittedly scary, part of the article covered one of his filming escapades in Africa, where he was car-jacked and nearly kidnapped. What saved his life? His way with words. Vogue even said earlier that Cumberbatch talked a mile a minute, but who would have guess that this would literally be his saving grace?

He was with a friend from South Africa and actress Denise black when a tire blew, and they were attacked by armed car jackers. The article didn’t go into much detail, other than he talked his way out of it, learned his true power of speech, then went swimming with sharks and sky diving to get the adrenaline out of his system and continue like normal.

He was panicked of course, but dealt with his attackers with grace under pressure. It could have been the end of his life, and where would all of us be without him?

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