Pokemon X and Y

This is a bit late, but I feel the need to express my excitement about the 3DS game that is coming out Oct. 12th. Pokemon X/Y is supposedly set in a France-like scene, which is a first because it usually follows the layout of a town or city in Japan.

It also has a new and much anticipated type: fairy.

I think a fairy type was needed and a long time coming. Trainers finally have something to beat dragon- and ghost-types with, and it does one better, dragon-types can’t affect fairy-types at all. So naturally, fairy is super overpowered, however is is weak against poison- and steel-types.

Some think fairy is too girly or it will throw the balance, but personally I think its a tough and fun new piece of the Pokemon world.

What I’m sure everyone is also extremely pumped about is the mega evolutions, like oh my goodness! Not only is this evolution of Pokemon the one that has long, flowing hair and doesn’t care, they are deadly beautiful or crazy badass. The MegaAbsol so far has been my favorite visually, and the MegaCharizard is a very close second. MegaMawile, however, is most likely going to be my go to, because it its stats are off the charts awesome and it looks like it would scrap something nasty.

This is a really cool and different way of fighting and I’m sure it’ll stack the odds in the Mega trainer’s favor. What I thought was interesting was the Mega evolution stone that is personalized to each Pokemon. So far, it seems like you have to have a fully evolved Pokemon to turn into a Mega, since you have to have the specific “-onite” to pump them full of god-like power, like Lucarionite or Mewtwonite. Which brings me to my next, lovely, amped topic.

Mewtwo X/Y. Depending on which version you buy, your Mewtwo can mega-evolve either into a psychic/fighting-type or high-powered psychic-type, respectively. MegaMewtwo X, the psychic/fighting-type, is much bigger than Mewtwo or MegaMewtwo Y and has an armored-looking body and seriously impressive physical presence. MegaMewtwo Y on the other hand shrinks and is nearly a quarter of the original Mewtwo’s weight, but has crazy psychic power and stats.

MegaMewtwo X

MegaMewtwo X


MegaMewtwo Y

MegaMewtwo Y

Lets not leave the starters out of this though! Chespin, Froakie, and Fennekin are adorable and tough little guys! Chespin, we now know, evolves into Quilladin. Honestly, it looks like a spiky ballon and makes me laugh. It just looks so silly! It is going to be a defensive Pokemon, or so the rumors say, but still. I guess he just isn’t for me. Froakie, while he starts off looking a bit odd, evolves into Frogadier, which reminds me of that awkward kid in school that grew up to be incredibly good looking. Frogadier is cool and looks like it can handle anything. Fennekin, though, is my favorite. I’ve always been partial to fire-types, and Fennekin is just so damn adorable, and even turns into a fire/psychic-type as it evolves into Braixen. Braixen is said to use the stick in its tail as a weapon and it also has a calming effect on it. There is a fun rumor going around that the three starters are based off of the three main types of hero you can be in an RPG game. Fennekin would be the mage, Froakie would be the rogue , and Chespin is supposed to be the knight.

The fun isn’t nearly over there, of course! With a trainer that is designable with clothes and facial features (including hair, skin tone, etc.) and new abilities, moves, and type-advantages, X and Y is looking to be one hell of an immersive game. I am certainly looking forward to exploring Kalos once I get my copy.

Please, let me know what you think, which Pokemon you like, or not. Agree, disagree. Voice your thoughts in the lovely comment box below!

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