Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

S.H.I.E.L.D.– Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.

The men in black suits that keep us safe, or keep us from the truth as far as Skye, the computer whiz, hacker and radio broadcaster is concerned.

When she sees everyday man, Mike Peterson, climb into a burning building to save a woman, then jumped down several floors and landed on his feet, she is more than impressed. She seems obsessed. She finds him in a cafe, convinced he should continue on as the ‘Hooded Hero’… aaaand also swipes his drivers license.

Flash over to bomb expert and not-so-human-friendly Agent Ward. He’s got the good looks, expertise, and apparently the family issues to make him the perfect main agent. He uses his manliness to mask his pain in front of beautiful women and has excellent marksmenship which he has the chance to show off.

In his team is the lovely Melinda May, who was working desk work, and was incredibly reluctant to join the field of combat again, (even though she does and kicks some serious ass) but agreed to drive the bus. And by bus, they meant giant jet plane aka Mobile Headquarters.

Next in the line up was Agent Jemma Simmons, a pretty blue-eyed, blonde, British biochemist who is witty and very good at what she does. Of course she is though, otherwise she wouldn’t be in S.H.I.EL.D. She made a Harry Potter reference in the beginning, making her fantastic in my book, and has beautifully written in chemistry with the next agent.

Agent Leo Fitz, the Scottish, finicky, oddball who talks a mile a minute in his adorkable accent and has his seven little robots, named after Snow White‘s seven dwarves. He is in charge of engineering and loves his tech more than people. While at first it seemed a romance would come into Jemma and Leo, after the episode was through it was very clear they are more like brother and sister.

And of course, leading this team, (once you have level 7 clearance) is Agent Phil Coulson.

Now, the S.H.I.E.L.D. team finds the broadcasts of Skye and brings her in because they have reason to believe she has info on Mike they don’t. They’re right, but she does them one better. She delivers the plot point: a program called Centipede. A mechanism that delivers super solider serum and gamma radiation via extremis method, made out of alien metal. The eerie orange and silver centipede-like device is attached to Mike after he is injured at his job, and his wife leaves him. The doctor, who has yet to be named, was the same woman he saved from the building. She may be calling the shots on screen, but she has already mentioned higher ups.

So of course with all of this junk in Mike’s body, he’s going to explode, literally.

Just like the last guy.

BOOM! Two blocks, gone.

They have two options, clear everything out, or put a bullet in his head; but that doesn’t fly for Coulson. He forces the biochemist and engineer to create a third way out. Knock him out…with a bullet-like delivery to scare the crap out of you.

So they save the day, for now. The She-Doctor gets away, Mike is contained, Skye joins S.H.I.EL.D., the good stuff for a good pilot.

However, Joss Whedon had a hand in writing this, so there were some underlying catches that may come back to bite us.

He has Skye’s operation-of-one called the Rising Tide, which I’m sure is going to escalate into a full on cult of anti-superheros and/or people who have access to alien tech, aka Thor-style magic.

There was also the mention of S.H.I.E.L.D. keeping quiet the Project Pegasus in New Mexico, and I am looking forward to hearing about that.

Now, Agent Hill is also still around, so we get to learn that Coulson, after the battle of New York, was sent out to Tahiti to recoup and get back to work, but behind his back, the physician looks at Hill and goes “Wow. He really doesn’t know?”, to which Hill replies “He never will.”

Creepy? Eerie? Something is going to be absolutely spectacular? Yes, yes and hell yes.

There was also the trademark Whedon comedy. When Coulson step from the darkness, very much alive (big gasp), claiming “Welcome to level seven.” The air is taunt with tension, then Coulson chuckles.

“That corner was really dark and I couldn’t help myself. I think a bulb is out.” I laughed. I’m not laughing now because it sounds just a bit lame on paper and re-told by me, but it was funny when it happened. Just watch the episode, you’ll like it better that way.

Anyway, the writing and executive producing done by Joss Whedon, Stan Lee and Jeph Loeb will most definitely come together magnificently through out the whole series, leave much to be desired, and then satisfied. Plus, this isn’t on FOX anymore, so it won’t just have one beautiful, heart-wrenching season then be cancelled.

Are we excited? I think so.

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