Slacklining: Platty Slack

A different form or recreation is taking off in SUNY Plattsburgh, and that’s slacklining.

Kids can be seen stringing up slacklines from tree to tree. They are usually two inches wide, but they also have one inch and even half inch lines.

I tried the one and two inch. I literally cannot imagine walking a half inch line. After three days of practice, I can occasionally make it three quarters of the way across a line. It isn’t as easy as the others make it look.

Illissa trying out the line with Keagan

Illissa trying out the line

It is open for everyone to try, and when I shyly stared at the line, a member of the Platty Slack club got off his line to come over and show me how its done, and take the time to make sure I was okay with wobbling on it for a few seconds.

It was fun, and a rush like no other. Rock climbing was fun, but unless you have a wall to build it on, you are limited to where you can do it. With slacklining, its a whole different thing. You can pack up a rope and string it up anywhere you wish.

Talking with the president of Platty Slack, Keagan French, gave me a new perspective on it as well.

Keagan showing off

Keagan showing off

He’s walked lines with 40 foot drops below them; harnessed in of course. Still, he can be seen bouncing on a higher line, flipping and doing stunts, doing static moves, staying in one place on the line and carefully doing different poses, and walking the line, frontwards and backwards.

Max Marsh, a slackliner of a little under a year, said we all know balance. Its just taking it and putting it in a stressful situation.

Check out these slackliners in action here:

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