Self: Eating Healthy, and I Don’t Mean Dieting.

As a girl who generally reaches for water before soda, I enjoy flipping through magazines for recipes and handy “craving this, eat this” charts.

And my recent favorite healthy food that doesn’t leave you feeling like a rabbit came out of the October issue of Self.

They go into detail about how to make two burgers, both of which sound yummy, and maybe a bit out there.

The one that caught my attention was the Vietnamese chicken burger, which makes me hungry when I think about it. I’m a fan of red meat, but even more of forming my own patties, and that’s what you do for this.

If you’ve ever worked with chicken, you know you can form it like chopped meat, so you toss it in a food processor along with tofu, egg and scallions. I love tofu, but scallions are their own level of hell, so I would omit them but feel free to indulge in the evil lil suckers.

Then you sauté up some mushrooms, in soy sauce, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar and cumin. I can smell it, and I’m just sitting at the computer. Yum.

Top your chicken burger with bean sprouts, your sautéed mushrooms, a whole wheat bun and some veggies, and voila! Yummy, healthy food that makes you full and happy.

That has always been my favorite thing about Self, they don’t tell you to skip meals, starve yourself on tic-tac sized meals, or run for your life everyday. They know the balance, and try to instill how important it is.

I’ve met people who think they can diet for a few months and be skinny forever, but it really isn’t the case. It isn’t so much the weight loss, but making healthy choices in your life. You shouldn’t participate in a crash diet, you have to change everything permanently because being healthy is a life style, not a diet.

Self recipe:

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