(Internet) Famous

Lights, camera, action…now what?

The little red recording light is staring me down. My face looks shiny and vaguely lost, like I wasn’t quite sure how I got here, on the computer screen. I had a great opening line. It was clever.

“Hello there, Youtubers.” I give a winning smile that would make a small child cry, and turn the camera off. Delete footage immediately. Close Youtube, open up Itunes to repurpose the ‘sound equipment’ (heaphones) and blog instead.

Being Youtube famous is an art in itself. Going through Vogue‘s 8 Youtube Stars Who Are Taking Over the World just makes me realize how many talented people there are, and how prominent the web has become in our daily lives.

I prefer writing. My written word is stronger than my spoken word, because I can edit mistakes easily with words. I just deleted a whole sentence and you would never know it.

But having a video up is something else entirely. You need to be funny, aesthetically pleasing in some way (usually), have a talent, be relatable, have an idea that would attract thousands. You need something to make you stand out from the rest. Unless its a viral video. That just has to be outrageous in some way, shape or form.

Our generation has so much more connecting all of us. Youtube, Instagram, Vine, and most recently Fade.

Social media has become more than just a generation of #selfie crazed kids feeling the need to record and catalog their every mundane thought. Vogue’s article said PewDiePie had even made $4 million in ad revenue.

A kid made millions of dollars by posting videos of himself playing video games. Its every 10 year old’s dream job.

My personal favorite Youtuber (also included in Vogue‘s list) is Superwoman. She’s funny and relatable and pulls the most hilarious faces. When she talks about her family, even with cultural difference’s I’ve never experienced, I can still relate because every family always has that…one. You know who I’m talking about. The aunt that drinks the whole box of wine, that one uncle that can’t seem to keep his clothes on, or the grandparent that has so mastered the backhanded compliment it leaves you stunned and confused for a moment.

And there are thousands of them. The really popular ones could make a living off this, but even the viral videos or the ones that cater to a specific audience ( shameless favorite video plug here) could bring in the best thing! No, not thousands of strangers’ adoration and one creepy kid in his mom’s basement calling you some rude name. Money!

There is profit in this! Take that anti-interweb generation. You may be right about taxes, the failing economy and that kid I dated a year ago, but the Internet has got this one.

Blogging does well too, I’ve heard. Hmmm.

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