A New Age of Ignorance

I had the lovely and invigorating experience to read an article about how certain states want to cut out bits and pieces of America’s history to ‘make it look better’. (Only read this if you have not reached your bullshit quota for the day.)

I’m all for pride in ones country, however, taking out facts of what actually happened in our history is some major bullshit, and they just might get away with it.

Oklahoma legislative committee actually approved a bill that would cut funding to Advanced Placement US History curriculum after looking at it and realizing that some of what they are teaching can make america look bad.

A retired high-school teacher complained that the framework of the course made the founding fathers look like ‘bigots’ and that Manifest Destiny was “built on a belief in white racial superiority and a sense of American cultural superiority.”

That can’t be true! This is the land of the free!! It was made for all of us!

Well, except blacks, we enslaved them when we stole and brought them here.

Oh and Muslims, they can’t practice their religion in peace here they’re terrorists after all.

Oh and shoot, we really can’t have women voting either. Them and their crazy hormones! They’d run us into the ground, haha.

And gays too. They just make everyone uncomfortable with their rainbows and free love and assless chaps.

And yeah, Native Americans too. Like, thanks for looking after our land for us before we claimed it, but your job is done. You can leave now.

Huh, its almost like this entire country was founded on the grounds for straight white men to get what they specifically wanted.

Nah. We’re a shining beacon for all!

Yeah not really.

I’m not entirely surprised Oklahoma was the first to have this idea and that Georgia, North and South Carolina, Colorado and Texas backed it quickly.

Now I know thats a pretty strong generalization but you cannot deny the signature style of the bible belt states.

I’m not against patriotism, which is what they want to promote. Our country is beautiful in many places, and you can see some amazing things and meet so many people of different cultures it can be intoxicating. Thats pride in your country. Striving for whats good and doing your best. Thats the type of patriotism you want.

But they want to take “civil disobedience, social strife or disregard of the law” out of the learning process.

I wonder how they’ll teach us about the protests on Wall Street, or Martin Luther King, or Woodstock, or Rosa Parks.

Oh wait, they won’t.

That sounds an awful lot like the beginning of brain washing. Our country is good. Our leaders are flawless. We have done no harm. We do everything right.

Know what that sounds like to me?

North Korea.

And they’re not really having a great time over there now are they?

This isn’t right. The American school system is already royally fucked. How can some people want to make it worse? This is literally the exact opposite of the way we should be going, especially when it comes to the future generations. We aren’t being taught how to be people, this is going to worsen the lesson of sit down, shut up, and do as you’re told.

White washing history and stuffing bible verses down kids throats isn’t going to make anything better. I’m pretty sure it will make it worse. They want to take focus of minorities, what little there already is, and while this isn’t going to affect all states the fact that this already has some traction is both terrifying and sad. We need to teach our generation to be critical thinkers, empathetic, innovative, and open minded. Whether we like it or not our world is changing. It always is. We have to change with it if we want to achieve happiness.

Luckily, there is a junior in Oklahoma high school, Moin Nadeem, taking five AP courses who has started a petition against this vote, and it’s already got 20,000+ supporters. And Nadeem’s quote at the end of the article was absolutely perfect.

“It’s our right to learn. The state can’t say what we can and what we can’t learn.”

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