Cosplay like a Princess

This really funny article about both nerdy stuff and the misogyny that occasionally comes with it was well written, a little old, and just a bit ranty. Then again i don’t have much room to speak about ranting.

Still, reading through it, it made me think about a lot of stuff that sometimes comes with being into a male-dominated…world.

Most guys at any sort of con are awesome. They dress up too, and you take pictures, laugh about it, maybe exchange a couple lines in character and move on. And then you get the greasy kid that shouts across the convention about fake gamer girls, and you can’t help but pull a face.

The issue with this is first, the entitlement a surprising amount of men feel towards women. They are nice to women, they are smart, they are nerdy, they get the girl after she dates an asshole jock, is abused, and comes crying only to realize her love was in front of her thick-rimmed glasses all along.

I’m pretty sure that’s the plot of like, every Nicholas Sparks movie ever. And several other movie franchises. And a couple stand alone movies too. Oh yeah and some TV shows. Oh jeez and like, all of Michael Cera’s movies too.

Well shit that plot is just about everywhere.

The thing we teach guys is that as long as you are true to yourself, women will come to love you. You just have to stalk them long enough and keep making her uncomfortable. She’ll come round eventually.

Not really. Not everyone will like you for you. That’s life. You don’t get to whine about the friendzone after you already put her in the fuckzone.

Can you imagine someone you thought was a good, close friend is only around because they hope to get in your pants? Thats uncomfortable, and disheartening.

The second issue is the whole idea that there are fake nerd girls. Have you checked the price tags of video games lately? Or nerd culture-related merch? That shits expensive! You really expect me to believe that pretty girls will devote time, energy, and money into this very niche area of society just to impress a kid that sits in his parents basement 24/7? Yeah, sure kid.

Guys really believe that girl is dressing up as a character to be a tease? They’re really upset that a conventionally attractive girl is into video games and junk?

Nah, they’re just upset because they finally have to face the fact that maybe it isn’t all these ‘fake nerd girls’ that reject their perfectly good collection of unwashed clothes and box sets. Its their shitty attitude thats the problem.

Comic Con and nerd culture in general tends to be open-minded. But, as with anything, there are always the outliers. Like in the article, not every frustrated nerd guy is the next mass murderer. Most of them just don’t really understand that what they’ve been fed all their life about women is lies.

Long rant really short, women don’t owe you shit. You don’t get a girlfriend for treating her like a human being.

As a side note, I should learn to be a bit more concise, if for nothing other than you readers anyway.

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