Europa: Jupiters first moon to have kids

We are not alone in our universe.

Well, you know, like…probably.

Jupiter has a ton of moons but it looks like Europa will be the first to make Jupiter a grandparent. In this artcile, we find out that there is an entire saltwater sea underneath Europa’s frozen surface, and it also might be warm.



The only two things you need to start growing sea monkeys, who’s to say the bacteria or tiny microbes aren’t present on this planet?

Not only that, but they could be evolving too. Before you know it Earth will be invaded by Europains (not to be confused with Europeans, who only invaded other parts of their own planet) and we will become the human slaves to the dominant species.

Eh, probably not. But still, life on another planet is huge. There could be underwater volcanoes heating Europa’s seas, or it could be the friction of the perpetual tug-o-war between Jupiter and its moon. Either way, this discovery should be exciting for everyone. If we aren’t the only ones in our own solar system, then the possibility of life anywhere in the universe grows exponentially.

There has also been another sea discovered on one of Jupiter’s moons. While Europa is still a more likely candidate, Jupiter’s largest moon, Ganymede, also has friction from Jupiter, as well as its own gravitational pull. Its also got something called aurorae, which I don’t understand fully but they were able to use it to figure out Ganymede is all salt water under its icy surface.

We can move forward through space and stars and discover other ways of life. We can learn more about us, about of universe, about anything or everything.

While we haven’t met intelligent life yet, its hard to believe we really are alone. And Europa or Ganymede might be the first step to proving that we aren’t.

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